hokey pokey yoga: your breath as a starting point

Chances are we’re all in very different places in our physical body journey, & where we are today might look very different than where we were last year or where we’ll be next year.

I am personally still shaking off the dust from a very rough winter (my first here in New England in more than 15 years after living in the tropics), & my body & immunity are slowly regaining momentum.   While my “inner grit’ has definitely been polished to a fine sheen, my Mamma glitter needs a bit buffing.  Don’t judge the juice, please, & pretend you don’t see my swollen eyes & rash on my neck.  (Maybe I should have put on some make-up?  Oh, yeah, makeup!)…

But no matter where we’re at, there’s a commonality among us all.  In fact, we share it with every living thing out there.  It’s…


It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? (& BTW, if you’ve already watched the video before reading on, I need to make a LOUD correction… or rather, an edit… the breath comes from THE DIAPHRAGM, just below the breast bone, by our beloved HEARTS… my belly likes to think it rules the school… )

Interestingly enough, we often are terribly disconnected from it.  Given our state of being, it can be sluggish, erratic, rapid, squeezed, heated, vapid or fluid.  What’s going on with yours, right here & now?  & how is your body feeling around the rise & fall of it?  How about your emotions & your mind? It’s ALL so connected…

I know, it’s SO simple.  There’s got to be more to yoga than that, right?

Maybe.  But when you begin to connect with your life force, your PRANA, the rest will reveal itself.

Begin at the beginning.  Connect with the breath & watch everything else flow from there. (tweet this pretty please)

With love, your pranayama mamma…

xo C

Inner grit & glitter.


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