love letters: list making with heart

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Forget the typical lists we mammas usually make.  You know- the ones with words like “laundry,”  “register kids for school,” “grocery store,”  “swim lessons at 1:00”  & the like.

What if you took a moment to make a new sort of list, one that speeds the heart & ups the inner sparkle? 

DO THIS:  Dig out a pen & a piece of paper.  Close your eyes & take three big breaths through your nose, exhaling out of your mouth.  Then take three more, breathing deeply, calmly, quietly- in & out of your nose.

Open your eyes, & without thinking too much, make a list in the next five minutes of all THE THINGS YOU LOVE. 

There are no right or wrong answers here.  Just go for it, without fear or judgement.

Then take that paper & place it somewhere visible as a reminder of the beauty & joy in your life.

A list with nothing to cross off.  No deadlines.  No stress.  Just pure love.

Thanks for being on my list.

xo Cricket



Inner grit & glitter.


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