Meet Raji Kelly Simpson:  numerology dynamo, Kundalini maven, virtual photography workshop leader, sparkle power mamma to FINN & oh, so much more…

TSPP:  What is your current age, location & occupation?

RS:  Current Age, 43  Location:  My beloved White Mountains, Western Maine…my heart lives where the climate suits my clothes every winter!

TSPP: How old are your little ones?

RS:  Almost 10.  Loving the not so little!  Some people miss those baby years and I am digging seeing more eye to eye.

TSPP: What 3 words would you use to describe your typical day?

RS: As a practice, I love to create my day based on how I WANT my day to feel.  JoyFULL, connected, and inspired.  Then I can do little micro acts that will bring me closer to those.  Do I feel like that in my day to day?  Not always of course, but have something to come back to.

TSPP:  What are the 3 biggest challenges you face as a mom?

RS:  Good news.  These challenges are almost difficult for me to write.  After nine years of being challenged in 3,000 ways….none seem overly challenging at the moment.

The biggest challenges?  Finn~Scorpio.  Me~Pisces.  Challenging dynamic by design.

Dropping the ideal of how I thought it would be, ha!  That would include not comparing myself to other mothers who seem to be gaga over motherhood while my husband and I for years whispering, to each other, “people think this is fun?” and feeling downright isolated and shameful about it.  Challenging.

& Not holding a grudge, oh God, grueling. Me to Finn, the following morning after a rough night:  “Geez, what was your problem last night?” (I had called three friends and bitched all about it).  Finn: “I don’t understand why that matters now.”    Hmmmm, true…so true.

TSPP:  What solutions do you seek out for them?

RS:  Being more gentle and accepting of myself. 

TSPP:  How much time a day, if any, do you spend alone? How often?

RS:  During the school year I spend a darn good amount of time by myself.  HOME ALONE does me well and carries me a long way.  I feel restored, refreshed, and filled up after a day by myself; so when he returns from the school day I feel I can be totally present and a happier, healthier me.  And now that he is older, half the time he hops on his bike after school and visits and plays with friends after school. 

TSPP:  We know that being a mom is a full time job, but are you also working another job?  Please describe & include time commitment & location.

RS:  Yes, I work other jobs!  I am a teacher…I teach what I love, self portrait photography, yoga, numerology, JourneyDance, and and and…

TSPP:  If you do work in addition to being a mom, how do you feel it impacts (positively &/or negatively) your desire to be the parent you’d like to be?

RS:   I think this has a positive effect on my parenting because it models nurturing your passions and the notion that you can create a job that you love.  It also gives me some flexibility with my schedule and allows me to mix it up; sometimes I work from home, and sometimes I travel to amazing retreat centers.   My work fills me up, inspires me and I am always in process with what I am teaching, so it is simultaneously nurturing as well as creative for me.

TSPP:  In what ways, if any, do you practice self care, nurturing & creativity?

RS:  I am a self care junkie.  I dance.  I make time for creative ventures.  I buy clothes that make me feel awesome.  I indulge in yummy food that fuels my body.  I leave Finn home for an hour by himself with free reign of NetFlix and walk the dog.  I splurge on kombucha and amazing coffee.  

TSPP:  Do you feel like you get enough sleep?  Exercise?  How’s that working for you?

RS:   Now that Finn is older I get plenty of sleep.  It will happen ladies.

TSPP: On a scale of 1-10 (1 being not much, 10 being maximum), how much mamma guilt do you tend to carry?

RS:  4.  To have any took me by surprise.  I half jokingly say to dear friends that I never hated myself until I was a mother.  I mostly feel guilt for not being more patient, for rushing him off to bed, for yelling up the stairs ‘shut the bleep up’, for making him go to school although I struggle with the whole concept, because we are a terrible home school match.

TSPP:  On a scale of 1-10 (1 being difficult, 10 being easy), how would you rate your daily experience of healthy, consistent & simple meal offerings?

RS:  Meal offering scale.  8.  Healthy, consistent, simple, repeat.  Finn eats non stop.  As long as I pack my cupboards with things that are healthy and I don’t care if he eats, no problem. 

TSPP:  Describe the sort of fun you have with your kids.

RS:   9 has been my favorite age.  I am loving the conversations, that is a whole new level of fun, just  hanging out, less planning, more spontaneous bike rides, trampoline jumping, guitar playing, cards, board games, baseball….just don’t make me play legos please. 

TSPP:  Do you have fun doing things without your kids?  Describe.

RS:  Oh yes, more please.

My husband and I were together for ten years before Finn was born.  We had a spanking good time together and we aren’t afraid of doing it now.

Lately has been Sunday Funday without Finnday, which includes a trip to Portland, ME with my honey.  He drops me off at Ecstatic Dance, he heads to local photography collective.  We connect again, hit the taqueria, a photo walk together, Trader Joe’s, and a dip in the river.  Heaven. 

TSPP: Do you have any personal parenting mantras that get you by?

RS: “Recognize the other person is you”~Yogi Bhajan


To learn more about this amazing mamma, visit her website at rajikelleysimpson.com.

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