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One of the best resources I’ve had as a parent are other mothers. Not just any mothers, but mothers who are willing to say it like it is.

Their truth as they know it.

Simply by listening to them & their stories, I have come to realize that so many mothers feel & go through variations of what I experience in my highs & lows of being a mother.

The highs are easy for us to share.  We post photos, exchange pleasantries & recipes, then joke & jest about the rest, mostly stuffing the lows way, way down low, as it doesn’t match the pretty parenting picture we are led to believe it “should” be.

We fear judgment, feel guilty, suffer quietly.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We can integrate the whole gamut of it into the totality of who we are:  Mothers loving the last lines of the the bedtime story after a long day then lamenting the fact that we haven’t had a minute to ourselves in three weeks.

It is what it is & it changes daily. 

We learn to roll with it & not let it define us.

Mamma Talks Q & A Tuesday  offers Mammas a chance to tell it like it is.  It will feature a different Mamma each week, along with any media she’d like to share- images, words, video, audio- that tells a bit of the story of who she is at this time in her life.

It is my hope that by sharing our experiences with our community, we will recognize ourselves in each other, maybe even gain some perspective.

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Inner grit & glitter.


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