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now you- mantra sparkle power

Once upon a time a writer/artist/performer got knocked up & had a baby, and by nearly all accounts, managed to put her self last & lost her outward sparkle.  After four years (& another baby), she felt so serious & glum that she started to doubt if her glow ever even existed.

Then one day, her older daughter, aged four, announced “My name is not Seava anymore.  It’s Sparkle Power.”

Sparkle Power spent her days having a pretty damn good time:  Dressing up for balls, wearing fairy dust, wrapping her body in colored silk scarves, painting boldly,  singing loudly, dancing freely & proclaiming to anyone who’d listen that she would grow up & be both a singing, dancing movie star & an artist.


It occurred to the mother during a fabulous online photography workshop  that requested an image with a mantra that hers could be modeled both after her daughter, whose daily energy lit the house on fire, & her grandmother, who lived for the glitter and glamor of life & love.

The mantra?  Sparkle Power.

It also occurred to the mother that she wasn’t alone in her desire to embrace this mantra more fully & more often in her own life.   So she decided to document & share the journey & the process along the way, in hopes that it might help others, too.


The mother is now happy to report that since taking on this creative project, she has found ways to brighten up & lighten up.  Amid F bombs mixed with a semi attachment parenting style to her little ones, aged 3 & 4 1/2, she’s gaining back both her inner grit & glitter.

She’s learning how to replace her resentment, exhaustion, perfection, shame, despair & lost dreams with ease, simplicity, acceptance, self care, & a sense of integration of who she is as a creative being as well as a nurturing, real mother (as opposed to the ideal one she imagined she ought to be).

That SHE is me, Cricket Desmarais writer, creative coach, ryt yogi, consultant, & yes, MAMMA.  This is my tribute to the messy & beautiful life of creative mammas everywhere, looking for support & a sense that someone out there might be listening & maybe even understand how they feel.

Stay tuned.  Each week there will be brief anecdotes, love letters, yoga glow, mamma mantras, nurturing food reviews, video & audio postcards, & a barrage of ways to streamline your efforts so that you can  have more time for you to be you- both WITH & WITHOUT your children.

In the works is a platform for community, sharing & support in your visions of what it means to be both a mother & a creative being, complete with daily creative coaching actionable prompts, all to remind you that you, dearie-do, are as shiny as you are willing to let your gorgeous heart be.

Thanks for being here.

xo C

Inner grit & glitter.


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