stuff you’ll love: an introduction

This category of posts will be about stuff you’ll LOVE. Stuff you’ll wonder how you lived without before you discovered it.

Stuff meant to make your lives more streamlined, easier, healthier, more functional & fun.

Let me first declare that I am personally not a huge fan of most stuff.  I like space, order, usefulness.  I am also freakishly sensitive to my environment. Clutter & excess makes me feel anxious & unfocused.  Throw in a bona fide allergy to dust & you’ll understand my sense of Zen minimalism.  In my world, less stuff literally means less headaches… & less to clean up, too!

Then there is the notion of conscious consumerism.  Every THING takes energy to make- the materials it’s made from, the people or machines that made it, the packaging materials, the delivery trucks, the gas, the staff & power in the shops they are sold in & so on… all of it adds up to incredible amounts of energy & resources our planet can’t possibly keep up with providing.

If you stop & consider the bigger picture, why purchase something that isn’t really going to be of lasting value to you or your family?

That said, there are certainly some products out there that have helped save time, effort & money in our family by having them around.  Some of them have increased our health, wellness & joy in some very lasting ways.  Occasionally we find a little silly bling slips in now & again, but it tends to lift that sense of inner grit & glitter & is certainly worth it.

You’ll probably notice the links to Amazon, where YES, I am an affiliate.  There are two reasons for this.

1). Before we moved a year ago, we lived on an island.  There were very few places to shop, & Amazon fulfilled most of our needs.  Now that we live on the mainland & have many options in which to shop, I STILL typically prefer Amazon.  It’s so much more efficient & allows us to spend our time doing other fun things vs. packing up, driving & chasing our kids around a florescent lit mega-mall.

2). Mamma’s got bills to pay, too.  A little kickback for info & efforts deserves a little support, don’t you think?  Besides, I stand 100% behind all of my suggestions, as everything I’ll mention has been tried and true in our home.

Enjoy the posts, & don’t forget to shop consciously!

xo C

pee ess:  If you’ve got 20 minutes & haven’t seen this yet, it’s VERY illuminating.  Share with your family & see how things shift…

Inner grit & glitter.


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